The Virgo new moon- where are all the Midwives?

“A MIDWIFE ought to be of middle age, neither too old nor too young, not subject to diseases, fears, or sudden frights; nor are the qualifications assigned to a good surgeon improper for a midwife.

A lady’s hand, a hawk’s eye, and a lion’s heart; to which it may be added activity of body and a convenient strength, with caution and diligence; not subject to drowsiness, nor apt to be impatient.

She ought to be sober and affable, not subject to passion, but bountiful and compassionate and her temper cheerful and pleasant, that she may the better comfort her patients in their sorrow.

Nor must she be very hasty, though her business may perhaps require her in another place, lest she should make more haste than good speed.

But above all, she ought to be qualified with the fear of God, which is the principal thing in every state and condition and will furnish her on all occasions both with knowledge and discretion”

Aristotle ( possibly- even this has resistance!) 1684

No small task!

No wonder Midwifery is a dying breed, or is the supporter of change itself…changing?

After all who better to truly see the cycle of existence.

Able to examine current situations, know the intended outcome but also adapt with each perspective acting on high reflexes, guided by a force far greater than human knowing!

Where are they all?

What if I suggested you, reading this now have been training for this very role longer than you realise?

Are you still there?

Let me explain, bring you gently up to speed in an environment that is safe and relaxing- once a midwife always a midwife!

Surrounding us daily we are blessed to witness change.

Some aspects are more pleasing than others.

Some natural, spontaneous, others obstructed,  restrictive and painful to observe but all creation at its finest.

Duality, the ironic separation of unity.

The very rhythm or contractions of life.

Pushing and stretching us towards the birth of Ayni within and around.

This harmony of a world conceived on reciprocity does not lack or carry scarcity but gestates the product of a deep relationship based upon union yet individuality and as such balance.

For every to there is a fro, every end a beginning, every pull a push.

These foundational physics govern the very essence of life itself, encompassing and embracing the arrival of oneness.

Yet often we can be “stuck”, forcing or avoiding, becoming torn in this process

Adamant things need to be a certain way, holding tight to our “birth plans” as if set in stone, disappointed when this power is “taken from us” through intervention, we firmly adopt our creation or let our inner crying subside to be raised and answered by another if our beliefs are not met.

Falling into the trap of believing that we alone (  a miscommunication in itself!) make no difference to all that is developing around us.

We become disempowered, disconnected, distant and search the nearest analgesic to hand, often resulting in another claiming our glory, our moment of obtainment and us firmly believing this to be the case, continuing the cycle.

The real resistance of augmented labour, the lack of trust, flexibility and overthinking presumptions and dare I say it the removal of true vision regarding the impeccable person you are, your soul.

Yet had we experienced the support of a talented Midwife, either within or around us, these traumas could often be avoided.

Known as “wise women” once revered as the very bridge between this world and the next. The bringer of potential, able to foresee and hold space within the now, these legendary witches, shamans, healers, diviners knew something many were unaware or had forgotten.

All life is change.

All life is sacred.

And as such all creations are potential blessings given to those that can nurture them.

All requiring guidance to be discovered, supported and recognised within us…all…yep…all!

Newsflash ( or should I say special delivery read all about it!)

We are all part of the evolution from the steps we take, the breath we breathe, the actions and subsequent reactions, we are the delivery suite, the relaxing music, the “I cant” the determination the very thing we are expelling, and the energy that holds it all together.

We are ALL midwives.

Able to witness and observe from an expansive place of compassion over empathy and sympathy, merging the very languages of life as one translation, midwives see the divinity within all.

The ability to become co-creators not only of physical life but of a time to come.

Knowing the process, yet respecting that even this changes, each delivery, transition, a cycle witnessed midwives grow their understanding and strength as facilitators of the Earth.

Not through books, or previous experience but through the very surrender of assumption, the crowning of certainty and the release of resistance for what others perceived it to be.

Only in this distinction can they truly hold space for the same yet unique journey of all they encounter.

Underneath it all lies a deep trust in their own skills, connection, and place within creation,  able to truly empower others to find this light within them.

The High Priestesses of the realms, Hermits of endurance, Temperance of Justice and the Patience of strength, Midwives embody and create the World necessary for all Fools to become Magicians, for all Lovers to unite and create the inner Sun we are born with through recognition of the collective spirit that resides within us all.

Midwives are the Archetypal energy of the Feminine, not separation but the Great potential of  all creation, the responsibility is ours to discover this inner innate knowledge, to become the bringers of change, to hold the future within our hands and place a metaphorical chair beneath the door blocking all who wish to stop this birth.

It is up to us as the Guardians of the Earth, the WisdomKeepers to be the change we are grunting, screaming and panting through, the time is now to trust what you know, who you are and your very place here.

You are a Midwife.

If there is resistance, use it, to pause to reflect to ensure your own growth. It is but another way of stretching you, others, the World into a new way of being. Hold the space, seek aid, ultimately know that even this will not last forever, that you can do this. Trust in yourself and your ability to be the co-creator you are, to stand firm in the luminous warrior you came here to be.

You are are a Midwife and whatever that role means to you.

So take that in for a moment, what has this to do with the moon last week?

Like us, the moon continually changes phases of growth and contraction, a birth in the monthly sky. This time we saw the Hermit, the willingness to go the distance, reaching culmination on March 20:20, the year of clear vision.

To put in the physical work, to truly see where we are and what needs to be highlighted in order to find the treasures hidden within the womb of our growth.

And it has been… interesting so far to observe but also partake in.

Since the Virgo new moon, I have experienced more contractions than I had in all honesty prepared for.

Like my own physical birth, I required space to be first, to relax and hold my present moment without artificially inseminating it against my will with more ideas or seeds.

A chance to extract the old that had become lodged prior to receiving the new, as any Midwife will know the placenta or by-products of any change need to be released not retained as this infects the womb, our creative center, and in turn all we go onto develop.

This time there needed to be a death of who I once was.

And it took the Virgo energy of the dark moon to empty my vessel and initiate the virgin stage of my path.

Perfect in its’ arrival I have managed to go deep within my own cave and connect to wisdom so ancient.

Recalling the tools birthed through the sacred witnessing of so many journeys with much gratitude.

I have Increased my own oxytocin levels, the hormone necessary for any progression, by finding and being with my own natural rhythm, listening to the wonderment of my physical body, the gift born to me from our Earth mother and refused to fall into the more perfect OCD qualities of any eager parent.

Surrounding myself with midwives all unique in their own approach, ultimately guiding me back to myself as any good Midwife does.

And now with much respect for this labour of munay ( love), I have returned, reborn, as the soul I came here to be, guiding others, like the Hermit I am to do the same.

And the light I feel has become the crowning of my higher self.

Are you ready to take responsibility for the journey you want to create?


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