The “too much” cocoon!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde.

Who are you really?

One of the greatest lessons in life is arguably to know your self and yet many spend their lives avoiding this very question.


It forms the very cocoon of their own potential.

I originally wanted to write a post about owning who we are.

Scrolling through google my heart became heavy.

Meme after meme, quote followed by quote of not loving too much, giving too much, being too much, protecting ourselves and subsequent suggestions of being oversensitive!

Is this coincidence?

Where did this notion of being too great come from?

Playing small, fearing the reactions of others, desiring to fit in?

And what benefit came from this?

As a species, becoming part of a group, circle, family belonging provides much safety. Throughout time it has been fundamental to our survival and evolution.

Yet what is advantageous can often, when out of balance, become the very thing that wipes us out, metaphorically and literally.

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance here, I am not suggesting “my way or the highway approach” rather the power of connecting to who we truly are and releasing any shame or guilt associated with this.

Utilising this conditioning, to incubate and ultimately grow and emerge. 

It isn’t easy, apparently, we often forget the aim of this chrysalis and become accustomed to the restricted room, deciding to remain rather than fly, the very thing that served to transform us becomes our comfort.

But when we find this space within us that longs to be free, we transpire.

Letting go of the urge to push our point across, no longer do we enforce our views or energies onto others, we truly begin to see the uniqueness in each individual and their own exquisite colours and patterns and can’t wait to rejoice in their resurface.

Remaining in the cocoon, we become confused, a mismatch of energies ensues, are we still the flawed misguided hungry caterpillar, projections of what could be, ultimately splitting from our flourishing and each other’s, resulting in great engulfing pain.

Dreams become shattered realities; nothing appears to change and each step we take becomes bogged down with the knowing feeling we are alone.

In this no longer enjoyable darkness we face ultimate extinction be it through our identity or in some cases physical constriction.

Unraveled from the very “too muchness” that makes us so infinite, we separate from others and “their” discomfort, the Earth, our faith whatever it may be and eventually the joy of life itself.

But what if we were to stop this, to stand in all we are, “flaws” and all and encourage others to do the same, acknowledging but not remaining in the stages of metamorphosis.

No longer would the fear of being compared or having to compete exist, the internal and external war.

Each person fully embracing their divine “grandness” for the truth it is.

Long gone, the need for “conforming of a nation” or continuous healing of the damage caused when we withdraw from this medicine.

The chances of being born and surviving to this point are billions to one…. Yes, let that sink in!

How does that “magnificence” feel right now?

Every emotion, every thought, every path on your journey…. Pretty impressive right?!

Own this, if for one second, let it fill your heart, your mind, your body, let it become the lubrication of your covering, let this be your protection.

Soothe the egoic conditioning for one moment.

Falling into this trap of being what is expected or returned leaves us disempowered, and ultimately encourages others to be the same, is this too much or not enough.

Now I ask again…. Who are you?

Instead, try insulating yourself with these stages:

Love like your heart will burst, regardless of what is returned, yourself and then others.

Sing like you have the voice of an angel for it is indeed music to your own soul.

Walk each step in the grandness of who you have been, who you are and what you are becoming you are a bloom of growth gifted by the merging of physical and spiritual matter.

In every moment give all you have to your life and those in it, you are limitless!

And see what surfaces.

Holding back not only serves to disconnect you to the sheer beauty that you are but inspires you to do the same to those you meet, ultimately causing desensitisation to the splendor, protection, and sovereignty essential for continuity of a life worth living.

Would you like to fly?


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