Children of the Sun- The Soul seeking Saggitarius

There is great change to be had in the stillness of knowing.

Kirsty Dignam 2019

Sat in front of my laptop, watching the rain dribble miserably upon my windows, blurring my once sunny outlook, I feel the sway of the trees ruffled by aggressive winds, firmly rooted and flexing within the chaos, undeterred and magnificent.

Oh, to be a tree!

Aware but not becoming this energy, I feel the last few days build up began to wash from my body.

It’s been interesting, to say the least, fluctuating from one extreme to another.

A momentum that has left me screaming and dancing one minute and lying almost cocooned, blanketed, nurtured in a blissful state of being the next.

What a forecast!

I am reminded of the upcoming full moon in Sagittarius, whilst the weatherman reports high pressure and unusual conditions related to stuck patterns, and I hear my Environment speak to me on an internal level.

This Monday not only are we given the opportunity to align with the Galactic center, but to find our own inner core.

Much like the Centaur, the wounded healer, in order to achieve this, we are being stretched beyond our limitations, our programming and guided to reach, quite literally for the stars.

Exciting right?

Depending on our individual and collective circumstances.

For what good is an archer without a bow?
How strong is that tool?
Does it have the flexible resistance to truly go the distance?

The next few days highlight not only what we hold in our hands, the endurance of our desires but also the chance to really seek out the target of our vision.

How do we do this?

By realising that whilst the sky is indeed the limit, we are Earthly creatures, necessary channels, grounding potential within our physical form, through the very steps we take.

Cliché as it may be, we are the change we are seeking.

So, we charge head-on, armed and ready?

On the contrary, a true hunter first examines their equipment.
Then with light precision strategically places themselves.
And with true clarity, takes aim, knowing that one shot is far less painful in the long run.

Until then?

We stand firm, something horse medicine continues to teach, grounded, rooted, observing the surroundings, knowing we are part of the herd but equally independent.  

Listening to the needs of our physical steed and working alongside it, after all as the saying goes, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, there needs to be thirst.

The knowledge of what you’re truly searching for must become apparent without the thundery atmospheric pressure of  “conditions.”

Full moons are always a potent time, this one feels a relevant completion of the last six months, a chance for rebirth, but with all beginnings come endings.

This is how we travel light, making our journey far more effective.

How we become the seekers of illumination.

It is no coincidence less than a week after the Sagittarian lunar phase, the fire of the Great sun returns with the Solstice, much like the warmth I know is behind this current cloud slowly clearing.

The ability to dry the emotional residue left upon our inner lands, to shine upon the new buds of this current cycle, to bring hope and joy back to the hearts of all those, myself included, that have missed the heat upon their faces.

But it isn’t here yet.

Now is a time of gentle transition, to not become overwhelmed by the somewhat eternal storms from loved ones and society.

But to realign to our peaceful center.

An incredible transitional opportunity to re-evaluate where we have been, where we wish to be and steadily place one healed foot in front of the other, when called to do so rather than “shoot from the hip” so to speak.

For me the energy feels simplified or at least contains the potential, should I be guided rather than fight my own inner landscape.

As a result, since the new moon, I have released many traditions and structures that were no longer, if ever, my own, regarding separation from aspects of myself to others and indeed Great Spirit.

Completed my horse healing training and await insurance prior to commencing another solid step upon my own path.

And am in the process of graduating the empowerment readings I offer to incorporate long term goals and coaching for individuals.

On a collective, I am giving thanks, daily, but with ceremony and Despacho on the solstice, a sacred prayer bundle of gratitude for Pachamama and all her children.

I have also been called to perform a fire ceremony in September in Canada. An area known as “heaven on Earth” or Pachakutti.

I am holding space for the great changes to come on an individual and expanded vision, requiring the composition of sacred witness, from a place of being and connection.

Not by doing, as I “should”, aiming for old targets, but by increasing the view of my horizon, stretching my internal bow, feeling the resistance and balancing this to avoid snapping, releasing too soon or misfiring and missing completely, the why behind it all.

This feels poignant, leading up to not only the end of the year but life in general. To find our reasons for doing what we love, for being the way we are.

Remembering how we wish to feel, not through what we have experienced or own but in each moment.

This becomes the soul ( pun intended) purpose behind any life we wish to track, the one star we aim for, ourselves and our truth.

Leading up to this week, take stock and ask yourself these questions:

What do I love about my life?
• What do I need to let go of?
• Where can I improve the desire I experience and share with others?
What solid changes, no matter how small, can I put in place to increase the chance of achieving this?
• And ultimately what dream do I hold in my sights?

As co-creators, we possess the balance of change within us, not alone but united within and with each other, the “You-niverse.”

“To chase leaves, us unsupported.
To remain static, powerless.
Combined, we reach beyond our furthest destinies.”

Kirsty Dignam 2019

Ready, set, aim!


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