“Muggle magick” the not so expensive Rich-ual!

“Look for Magic in daily routine”

Lou Barlow

Yesterday I had a blessed day in nature.

Spending the afternoon guided by Pachamama, I flowed in and out of the ceremony and had a very pleasant “walkabout”.

These rituals are increasingly becoming an everyday occurrence of my life, unplanned and organic, I never know what the day will bring empowering me to be, focus and celebrate whatever is required of me in each moment.

Although this has yet to pay my physical bills my soul continues to feel well appreciated and fed on all levels.

Today has been what I would deem a “muggle” day.

Much as I would love to spend each waking hour in contemplative conversations with Great Spirit, my physical foundations like everyone’s require tending to.

With a slightly less enthusiastic heart, who am I kidding, with a heavy heart, I dragged myself from bed this morning and began my living in the real world ritual.

Looking back now finally finished and sitting in peace and reflection, I realise that despite my beliefs it has been just that.

A day of ritual and ceremony.

I haven’t burnt any sacred fires, built any despachos, directly healed, or even meditated in a set environment for an allocated time.

And yet I have accomplished more than even I am aware of.

I have cleaned my house through, tended my garden, prepared a home cooked meal, walked and fed my dogs and been to the local shop for supplies.

Everyday necessities and yet during each process I have been acutely aware of the spirituality running through them.

Whilst cleaning my house I cleansed today with sage and visualised setting the intention of the environment within which I rest, my own sanctuary and workspace for the healing of others.

Whilst de-weeding I found myself calm and connected to the Earth her dirt dust over my hands the elements within and around me in balance and each area of my life I wished to be removed mentally achieved with every root removal.

The soil now watered, prepped and ready for her next growth.

Cooking a meal for my family, being no Gordon Ramsay, the sympathy I felt for my own negative inner remarks transmuting my culinary limitations to the fulfilled intention that it be the best chili I have made to date.

Feeding my beloved fur family, painfully present with my Border collies arthritis, aware of this whilst preparing her food I found myself sending healing into the food she so eagerly now waited to eat.

Walking to my local shops, as always I removed my shoes.

Feeling the energy above me channeling through to my Earth mother, ignoring the strange glances and being mindful that not everyone is a responsible pet owner I felt the love flow through my hollow boned body being fed upon by the ground beneath my feet.

I could continue on into the insect I gave healing to today having been caught by my cat, or the stones I have received and left strategically where placed, the releases I have been present within each breath, but that would take more vocabulary than needed and serves to re-iterate the same point.

Ritual and ceremony are an opportunity to celebrate life and each stage or focused energy towards a perceived goal.

Whilst I adore all the strings and bells, astrological energies joining in and the extent to which these practices connect me to all aspects of myself and the magic within and around me.

The tools we use every day are just as valid if not more so when bringing our dreams into manifestation.

And importantly not only are there a million opportunities to do these each day… they are free!!!

The human mind digests more thoughts than the average country on a daily basis. Many of these go unnoticed and are “involuntary” something less to be conscious or worry about.

But what magnitude of missed opportunities!

It is wonderful that we don’t have to remember to breathe but as a species, we have become lazy in observing our own breath and the sheer healing, grounding, manifesting potential it has.

Amazing though it is to have fast food and machines to bake how different would each meal taste if we didn’t have to experience the rushed unfocused manner in which they were prepared.

We struggle to tame our thoughts, desperately striving for an empty mind, a process foreign to the role of our biological makeup for many, telling the brain to not do what it is here for we often become frustrated with the negative voices that continue to nag our unsuccessful attempt at ignorance.

What if we were to work alongside this amazing tool?

To involve it in all we do.

Keeping it active and healthy.

By empowering it to know what it is you are attempting, involving it in the ritual you are performing in each moment.

Knowing there is no such thing as ordinary the mind then becomes the focused precise arrow needed around this Sagittarius moon to birth all we need from nutritious food, healing, security, and safety.

Not only through extravagant moments but in the so-called everyday humdrum, birthing the path of the Shaman in its true glory through the recognition that each second, breath, thought, or feeling is a gift.

To be used within the unlimited ecosystem we truly are. In this way, we strive to reach Pachakuti bringing heaven to Earth in all we are and do.

All it asks is that you involve it, be present with it, know that it is a sacred tool in all rituals and that each moment is a potentially magical moment to be celebrated in the ceremony that is life.

What ceremony has become your daily Magic?

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