Mother…Earth keepers day… for all!

For all the mothers I have held and seen.
The births the joys an honour it has been.

To watch your growth hold your hand ease your fears.
Elation exhaustion yet belief in our tears.

For the mothers, I have longed for different outcomes.
Would give their heart to be a “mum”.

The tears the sadness the lives taken too soon.
The cries of anger the haunting call to the moon.

For my sister’s and thier journeys, with pride in my heart.
For sharing your births allowing my to soul to take part.

For my own mother, a warrior of strength and adversity.
Through each battle her love and courage inspiring me.

For my son who changed my life, giving blood to a once dead soul.
You’ve taught me so much about love, through your eyes I continue to grow.

To the women and men, the givers and lovers.
Know this today regardless, I celebrate you as mothers.

I thank you from my heart for the light you shine.
And set up this grid for the thanks of mine.

I honor you your path and your presence.
And invite you to accept this love for now or past tense.

To take a moment in this and every day.
To give gratitude and humbleness for the mums that made you this way.

One way or another no judgment involved.
They/ we are all part of the story told.

And for this, I am blessed to have so many chances to go deeper.
Through the lessons the love the relationships with so many Earth Keepers.

Taking me home with each day that passes by.
To the original mother, Pachamama whose womb I lie.

Heart to heartbeat to beat.
I feel her love breath my feet.

No judgments no doubts.
Connection, just love, within and throughout.

On this the day of the mother.
I pray you realise you are like no other.

Unique in all you say and do.
So please… tune in and take a moment for you.

You are all so very important.

In this together.

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