Alone together.

Hold the space.
It’s hard I know

When goodness is rare and only fear seems to show.

For every heartbreaking bulletin.
Every emotion stirred.

There are other stories.
Other news.
Other things that have occurred.

The pain is great the fear so dark.
The panic can become so rife.

Do what you can.
Speak up.
But don’t forget to live your life.

See the trees.
Kiss your loved ones.
Taste the food you eat.

Smile Laugh
Be the change to all you meet.

Feel the chaos the intensity to your core

But stand strong, demand, connect be more.

Rise, shine, show the light and hope of all you are.
Of all, we could be.

Stand, hold the space.
Connect to each other.
Your so important don’t you see.

How you express how you love,

Shall impact Pachamama forever.
Be response-able realise how you add to the energy,

We’re in this together.

Much love my family.
The two-legged the four-legged, the many-legged.
The finned the furred the winged ones.

Much respect in these times

When more than ever is the need to be strong.

Seven generations, of ancestors, been and to come

Cycles of change to be made, together we are one

You are not alone.

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