The eyes have it.

The eyes have it.
The windows to the soul.

The place of creation.
Magic of perception.

The truth of whole.

The breathe of life.

At every stage in my life, the moment I have glanced into the eyes of the horse, a rekindling of something long lost.

A connection, medicine if you will, reuniting me to the wonders of the world, a love beyond words a place where all begins and ends.

These magnificent creatures of spirit, have bore witness and back, to man’s journey.

Throughout time they have been our means of transport through our, primitive in comparison, evolution.
Feeding, clothing and moving us around our lives, now the subject of entertainment for many, the sacred connection between man and “beast” has not only become blurred regarding its participants but also the glory and honour it once was and could be again.

Shamanically revered as children of the Earth and spirit, horses maintain beauty, balance, and humility within all elements.

Grounded to the Earth, heartbeat to heartbeat their enlarged vessels of love once seen as the ultimate source of Great Spirit, now viewed through the limited eyes of manipulation.

Free within Wakan Tanka, passions now bridled, spurred and restrained into orderly form, the innate wild characteristics of nature competed, bred and slaughtered when ultimately broken.
Found within the vibration of every drum, enabling realm walkers to journey to each destination for healing and guidance, transcending the barriers of believed vision the energy of horse has much to teach us.

Riding the wind horse of our minds, elevating our hearts yet remaining still in each moment, reconnecting to the womb of mother earth and the presence of all that is, these divine messengers reminds us not only who we are and where we came from, but indeed how to return.

Reflecting our image back to us through “problem behaviors”, speaking in a language we once were fluent, the horse strips away all ego, all you are, until there in their eyes you return, the pure essence you once were.

In this stillness of creativity, the magic of life the very breath of existence you are measured.

Not by the individual horse, but indeed all the ancestors before it, the land it once roamed, the air through each nostril, the water drunk, emotions felt and if worthy, if real, if in your heart, you are forgiven.

Free to be the spirit you are, there is no logic, no technology, no job, no limits, only now.

There is you, but not you.
Everything, yet nothing.
Unconditional love.
And here you are born again.

Given the honour of continuing your journey.
Your trusted friend and guide within and around you.

A partnership as old as time itself.
Into the spirit of eternity.

Are you free or has the rodeo of life broken you?

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