To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true.

Guidance within.

The authentic you.

Change no more, un label, be free.

No opinions, or judgements.

This is “me.”

Of the Earth, the stars,

the bigger plan.

Part of it all,

yet nothing,

this, I AM.


you greet for all you see.

In short,

the truth,

for you are me.

The light, the joy,

the soul within.

The transition needed

for birth to begin.

Look outside,

if you will, if a  must.

To return to this,


the cave,


The walls ablaze,

journeys in colour of your tale,

Possessions’, dramas, illness

in comparison

now pale.

You’ve walked this path,

time again.

Vague details,

how, who, when.

Yet in this calm space,

stories of old.

A burning fire,


beautiful to behold.

Sacrificing “you”,

walking over with no fright.

You warm yourself in the damp despair,

the heat

shining bright.

When the time comes to leave this place,

light your weary lamp.

Your route etched upon your face,

your life, your soul

your stamp.

Knowing your inner sage,

who you really are.

A lengthy journey traveled,

a destination still so far.

Yet with this glow beside you,

steps  lighter still,

A new light, a strength,

direction a purpose,

your souls’ will.

Never lost,

returning as you need.

Your soul’s birthplace,

this union now freed.

So sit here for a moment,

be still and rest.

Balancing your inner lion,

tomorrows vision quest.

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