Writers block…The creative zit!

The creative zit…
Tingling beneath the surface

You felt this all before.

Denying its existence or purpose

You leave alone, else it becomes sore.

And yet it grows.

Continuing your skin regime

You attempt with all your might to banish

Leaving your life simple and clean

You hold hope that it will vanish.

And now it shows.

Appearing as a small speck,

Unnoticeable to some

Resembling a scratch or speck

The worst is yet to come.

Like it knows.

You know you need ointment

A release if you will

Time, an appointment

For your zit to fill

A chance to let it blow!

You’ve waited so long

Your moments finally here

The inflammation so strong

A chance to make it clear

And then nothing flows!

You squeeze out words

Causing redness and pain

Unable to move onwards

Frustratingly in vain

Impervious to your woes!

So you sit and stare

At this annoying little zit

Wishing it wasn’t there

This creative bloody tit

Yet it doesn’t slow!

It continues to be in your mind

Now affecting all you do

And this is where you find

The person that is you

The swelling goes!

You cannot squeeze

Push, rush for it to come out

Or gently slowly tease

Or kick and scream or shout

It’s you it chose!

You realise there’s a time and place

For creativity to birth

Regardless how long on your face

Oblivious to your need for worth

With pride, it glows!

You see how this is an art

Not a blemish on your skin

Coming from the heart

Not separate but within

Like a big red Pusey rose!

So you begin to love the process

The edgy energy that’s raw

Knowing that any “success”

Should be that of awe

Now coming to a close…

Smile and wrinkle you face

Knowing what within you see

is a poem, song, art… a place

That calls  itself “me”
“Hurrah” it bellows.

Do you have creative acne?

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